CFP Committee

RustFest Rome has a dedicated CfP committee. This ensures that voices from outside the conference organisers are heard during the selection process.

CfP Team

  • Emanuele Tagliaferri

    RustFest Rome local organiser.

  • Enrico Risa

    RustFest Rome local organiser.

  • Diane Hosfelt

    Diane is a security engineer in the Mixed Reality team at Mozilla Research. The open source portions of her CV include working with open web standards and developing the Servo browser engine used in Firefox Quantum. She also leads the Formal Verification and Unsafe Code Guidelines working groups for Rust. An American expat based out of Yorkshire, Diane loves everything the great indoors has to offer – especially her cats Batman and Watson.

  • Katharina Hößel

    Co-organiser of first RustFest, computer science student with sociology background, avowed underachiever.

    Pronouns: they/them

  • Lee Baillie

    Lee Baillie herds Rubies and wrangles JavaScripts (occasionally also tending to the Rust garden) at Tilde in Portland, OR, mainly in the context of building Skylight, a Rails performance profiler. In their spare time, they enjoy hanging out with their dog JPEG, exploring the beautiful outdoors of the PNW, and lifting heavy things only to put them down again.

  • Lisa Passing

    Lisa is a software developer and hobbyist game creator and creative coder living in Berlin.

  • Matt Gathu

    Matt is an engineer at in Paris, where he uses rust to make technology disappear. He’s passionate about tech communities and spends his spare time as an organiser of Rust Nairobi.

  • Santiago Pastorino

    Santiago Pastorino is WyeWorks co-founder, Ruby on Rails core team member and Rust Developer. He is currently part of NLL WG. Santiago organises Rust LATAM.

  • Andrew Hobden

    Explorer of distributed systems.

  • Guillaume Gomez

    Young IT engineer, enthusiast open source contributor, Rust reviewer, gtk-rs organization owner and GNOME foundation member.

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