impl Days


“impl Days” is the sibling event of RustFest<Rome>. “impl Days” is a two full-day event for Rust contributors to collaborate in an active programming session. They will take place on the two days following the RustFest talks and workshops, on Monday, November 26th and Tuesday, November 27th 2018 at Eurostars Roma Aeterna, Via Casilina, 125 / Piazza del Pigneto 9a, Rome 00176, Italy.

For directions you can check the location page.

We open doors at 09:00 in the morning.
We will wind down at 17:00.

What to hack on

For updated project information, check our live document.


Born as a hacking and development experiment in the early RustFest editions, the “impl Days” have established as a tradition following each RustFest.

The name refers to the first edition that took place during the 2017 “impl Period”, therefore the name “impl Days” was a natural choice. Over those two days, 30 to 40 people came together to discuss, design, and implement changes to Rust itself as well its broader ecosystem.

Plus, they got to build a Lego Death Star.

The Zurich “impl Days” were such a success that we decided to repeat the event in Paris and it was an even bigger success (also, a rocket).

impl Days Rome

impl Days will be hosted at Eurostars Roma Aeterna, Via Casilina, 125 / Piazza del Pigneto 9a Rome 00176 Italy.

For directions you can check the location page.

“impl Days” are a great chance to work directly with other Rust enthusiasts. The Rust project is supported by volunteers across the globe, and while we often rely on github comments and IRC channels for communication, face-to-face communication enabled by an event like this can be a big productivity boost.

You may be just starting out as a Rust contributor, or you may be a long-time compiler hacker who reminisces about the days when Rust was bootstrapped atop ML. Either way, there’s plenty of tasks for all contributors at “impl Days”.

You do not need to buy a separate ticket: your RustFest ticket will suffice.

Thus, everyone who plans to attend “impl Days” should tell us explicitly on the online questionnaire built into the RustFest ticket.

What will happen at the “impl Days”?

The schedule will be announced closer to the event, when details are finalized.

The general idea is to arrive at the location around 9:00 AM, then there will be a headcount and some time spent getting to know each other, finally identify tasks for participants to collaborate on. Each of the two days will start winding down at around 5 PM. All participants must leave the venue premises each day by around 6 PM. Exact time tables will be announced later. Further details will be finalized at a later stage.

Lacking ideas or suggestions for projects to work on? No problem!

Most of all participants should enjoy “impl Days” without any pressure or accomplishment requirement. If your final result is a better understanding of the Rust world and having met some cool folks to keep in touch with, well - that’s a fantastic result as well! 🎊

More detailed planning will be done on-the-fly at the event itself, based on the skill sets of the people showing up to contribute.